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Industry 4.0 into the network red three hidden dangers can not be ignored

Industry 4.0 into the network red three hidden dangers can not be ignored

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  Within two years, the sudden burst of red concept of Industry 4.0, also led the industry in Germany some concerns. Considering this concept more still remain in the ideal stage, no one can predict potential risks. But the industry view, there are at least three points worthy of attention, including data security, lack of standardization, the enthusiasm of SMEs.
First, concerns about control over large data intelligence behind manufacturing, including people obtain the data must be credible, and these data must be protected from hackers and spies to steal.
. "In general, when the data is a part of things, information security is particularly important," Hanpei De told reporters, first of all, the software industry is part of the Industry 4.0, which requires a high level of safety; secondly, there are a number of specialized companies committed to to manage security issues such as how to ensure the security of data conversion; there is the German government's economic departments are doing some work, to encourage companies to establish proper division of labor.
"I do not know what is in China, but I know some German companies really pay attention to data security." Hanpei De said. A person living in Germany has long expressed concern, such as milk customization, consumers worried about their tastes, spending habits, health and other corporate data will be misused, lost basic privacy.
On the other hand, lack of standardized connection system Industry 4.0 is the process of implementation of a major problem, as this will hinder the docking between different devices and systems, and thus hinder the achievement of interoperability.
"In my opinion, the problem is only one solution, only one standard." Hanpei De said the reporter, "but we all know that it is difficult to think of all the harmony on a standard. For example, we use Microsoft The product, but many people are not satisfied with it, so other products have been invented as another open option."
Merkel believes that Germany can become a promoter of the Industry 4.0 standard and implement these standards globally. However, as of now, there are still no publicly available information on the details of these standards. Countries such as the United States and Japan are also exploring similar standards.
In addition, at present, mainly large enterprises participate in the construction and use of the Industry 4.0 platform, which will be used for data exchange, device connection and so on. "We need to build platforms of several commercial nature." Kagermann said that Germany welcomes foreign companies to participate in the construction of these platforms.
“Industry 4.0 is still mainly suitable for large enterprises, such as automakers. Because the division of labor in the automotive industry is very detailed, it may be necessary to install sensors and controllers in certain processes to combine different programs through the network. For automakers, going to the stage of Industry 4.0 should be said to be a matter of course.” Leipzig Investment Promotion Agency official Micheal Schimansky told reporters, “For large companies, Industry 4.0 is useless, now There is nothing to discuss, there is still a lot of room for discussion for SMEs."
Silicon Saxony Ethel chairman also told the newspaper: "It depends on the degree of automation for production in the end how high, it also depends on the size of the company for small production companies, the full automation is not necessarily meaningful.